• Our story

    A long, long time ago I, Coach Sara Chanie, was a full time teacher, educating bright young minds in the intricacies of mathematics. I watched as the little ones crunched their numbers, hunched over their kid sized desks with pencils scratching.

    As a closet gymnast. I always thought, You know what these children really need? A place where they can just be kids, where they can be free from the pressures of academia, where they can get their blood pumping and faces smiling. And thus, GYMIES was born.

    On a cold December day in 2008, GYMIES opened its sparkly new doors for the first time. It started with just a gymnastic program and thirty registered children. Since, GYMIES has grown to include Martial Arts, Ballet and Dance programs, as well as a full Preschool and Day Camp. Today, GYMIES has over 300 happy little members learning to love physical activity and having a blast while they’re at it.

  • Our mission

    Our mission is to get kids feeling good about themselves by teaching them the joys of challenging themselves physically and mentally.

    Healthy Habits from the Start

    At GYMIES we believe that healthy children become healthy adults. Each of our programs are designed to introduce your child to the fun side of physical activity. It is not about one hour once a week, it is about creating a lifelong love for physical activity and healthy living.

    Reaching New Heights Everyday

    At GYMIES, our progressive approach enables kids to taste success at every turn. In each class the kids learn the satisfaction of getting a bit farther than yesterday – to jump a little higher, hold on for a bit longer and get a little stronger, each and every day.

    Through specific praise and encouragement, kids learn to tackle challenges, overcome fears, and express themselves confidently. And that – is priceless.

  • Be Strong - It’s The Smart Thing To Do

    At GYMIES our classes are designed to do more than increase flexibility, balance and coordination – they improve listening skills, attention span and the ability to follow directions.

    Your child will become more confident, more willing to take on prudent risks, and be challenged in ways they never have before.

    We’re Happy When You’re Happy

    At GYMIES, we are more than just a gym for kids – we are community of people looking to enhance children’s lives, empower them as individuals and ensure their healthy and happy futures.

    It’s our goal

    Our goal is to ensure that every member’s (and their parents’) GYMIES experience is enjoyable and unforgettable. Let us know what we can do to make yours even more spectacular.